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Good Evening

Raising chickens, we enjoy fresh eggs but it does take work

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Eleftherios Vretzakis

Most people have dogs, cats, hamsters or fish as pets; I have chickens. You must be wondering, are chickens a good pet to have? Well, the answer is complicated.

Sometimes chickens can be very entertaining. However, sometimes they are annoying, like when they follow us around hoping for food, or when they leave the backyard and we have to run after them and bring them back. Once when they all went to the neighbors,’ we kind of got in trouble. How were we supposed to know they were going to attack their vegetable garden? And no, we don’t have any roosters. A rooster is not good because we would not be able to eat the eggs, because the eggs would turn into chicks and would not be edible.

Sound like fun? Before you plan on getting chickens, there’s one thing you should know: They poop everywhere. If you play around your yard, you might step on poop and you will have to leave your shoes outside so that you do not get the floor dirty.

Another good thing about chickens is that they lay healthy eggs. Those eggs make the best scrambled eggs, although the chickens do not always lay as many as you want, especially in the winter. In the summer we get a whole bucket full of eggs every day, but in the winter we usually get three or four. People think that you get free eggs from the chickens, but that is not exactly true because it costs money for chicken food and a chicken coop. Also, you spend time and effort cleaning up after them.

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