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Taking a 3-D Porsche puzzle for a spin

We were lucky enough to try out a 3-D Porsche puzzle (Ravensburger).

We decided to first take out all the puzzle pieces. All of the pieces are numbered, so we started with puzzle pieces one and two. Once we connected them, we realized that the puzzle pieces had arrows pointing out the direction the next piece was supposed to go in. Now we knew we had to go piece by piece.

Kidsday reporters Deanna Brice, left, Sandy Silie and

Kidsday reporters Deanna Brice, left, Sandy Silie and Jose Gomez Gomez took a 3-D Porsche puzzle for a test drive.

Photo Credit: Karen Gressner

When we got to the car door, we noticed that the pieces can turn to a 90-degrees angle. Plus, since we were working as a team, we had the top of the car done in 15 minutes. While Sandy worked on the car, we started putting the car’s wheels together. When we were all done with the wheels, we went back to helping with the rest of the car.

We were done putting it all together in about 45 minutes. We now had to attach the base of the car to the puzzle top. We gently put the car puzzle on the platform, and we were done.

As much as we liked building the puzzle, we liked that we all worked together as one huge family.    

Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School                   

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