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Reader's Theater brings books to life

Kidsday reporter Jarell Gilliam of Aquebogue likes Reader

Kidsday reporter Jarell Gilliam of Aquebogue likes Reader Theater. Credit: Tami Koller

You should do Reader’s Theater in your school because it’s really fun.

Do you want to hear my secret? In Reader’s Theater, you have to agree to pretend! That is the No. 1 rule.

The second rule is bring your story to life. Reader’s Theater is when you read a script and act it out. If you like drama, then this is just for you. I go twice a week. There are 11 kids in Reader’s Theater. We are deciding on doing a play at an assembly. Sometimes it is hard for me because I don’t always remember the words, but most of the time it is easy.

I love Reader’s Theater because I like reading. Reader’s Theater helps me in reading because sometimes you need to sound out words. Sometimes you get to choose your part. There are narrators and characters. I think narrators are amazing because they get to use a storyteller voice. If you are shy, I wouldn’t choose a character because they talk a lot.

Tami Koller’s fourth-grade class, Aquebogue Elementary School

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