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Should kids get assigned reading for summer?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Ashton Hopkins, East Setauket

Kids in our class were curious whether or not we should have reading assignments over the summer months. We wanted to know how others felt about it, so I conducted a survey of 100 kids in my school, asking if they thought that was fair for us to have to work over the summer.

Here are my results:

No reading in the summer months: 81

Yes, we should read: 19

As you can see, the kids voted overwhelmingly not to have to be forced to read over our vacation.

Here is what a few of them said:

“I choose no to summer reading because summer is the time to sit back and relax.”

“It is not the time to worry about homework. It is a better time to learn other life skills and also focus on fun.”

On the other side, a classmate said that she chooses to read and she reads every day anyway.

Finally, one student summed it up by saying the summer break is a break from school.

But here is the deal: If you were assigned reading over the summer, you have only a few weeks left to get it done! Open that book!

Jillian Cagno and Deirdre Greenwald’s fifth-grade class, Tuckahoe School, Southampton

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