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Good Morning

Reading Night is great family fun

Does your school have a special night where everyone can come together for a fun activity? Here at my school, RJO, we do Reading Night. This is when you come together with your school and families to listen to teachers read their favorite books.

Last year, my school hosted this fun event. I snuggled up in my pajamas and went to my school. There were about 20 teachers who volunteered their time to read to the families who signed up. The kids were each given a rotation schedule to follow for a total of five classrooms that night. Each group went to a classroom for 10 minutes each and listened to the teacher read a story.

Reading Night is a great way to promote literacy. The teachers were all very creative and chose books that were memorable. Some of the books I heard were "The Day the Crayons Had a Protest," "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs," "Library Lil," "Zero" and "Two." Our rotation also included a stop at the cafeteria to have hot cocoa, cookies, brownies, and many more yummy desserts. At the end of the night there was a book fair where we could buy books -- even the books we heard were for sale!

Reading Night is a great opportunity for your school and families to come together. I bet you now want Reading Night in your school!

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