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Recommended rides at Splish Splash in Calverton

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Splish Splash in Calverton is a fun water park to visit and here are three rides I recommend:

ALIEN ABDUCTION This is a tube ride that can fit three people. You travel down, spinning, turning and riding up and down the wall. I went on the ride with my mom and a friend. Once it is your turn to ride, you feel fear inside you. When the tube starts sliding down, you don’t know whether to cry, laugh or scream. My mom almost cried while going on this ride. When you’re about to hit the big open circle part, you get the feeling of falling off the tube that you’re sitting on.

DR. VAN DARK’S TUNNEL OF TERROR You have to walk up really high stairs to get on this ride. It’s a tube ride you go through in the dark. Eventually there is one part where water comes up at your face. Five seconds later the ride is over.

CLIFF DIVER This ride made me so terrified I wanted to go home. I only went on this ride once. It is one of the tallest slides I have ever been on. When I Iooked down, I was so scared but at the same time I wanted to try the ride so bad but wanted to get it over with. It is eight stories high and you drop down at a really fast speed.

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