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Recycling for a cause

Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / Alanah Pullo

At our school, kids like myself and other sixth-graders in my class go all around the school picking up all the water bottles and we recycle them every Wednesday. As you know the bottles are each worth 5 cents, and the class makes money from them to help other people.

Our teachers tell us which table collects which grades’ water bottle bins. Then two kids are chosen to go downstairs into a room located on the first floor. When we have collected everything, the two chosen kids will separate the water bottles from the ones that can be recycled for money and the ones that can’t (no bar code on it). Orange bins for the good bottles, and green bins for the others. When all of that is finished, everyone brings the empty bins back, and four kids bring the bins full of bottles upstairs to the classroom.

Every month a kid brings the bags of bottles home and takes them to a supermarket to recycle them. The kid then comes back with the money to give to the teacher. It’s a lot of work, but it’s all worth it.

What do we do with the money? Good question! We donate it to a local outreach kitchen so they can buy food and other necessities and to the church in our parish, St. Catherine’s. We also donate to Ronald McDonald House as well.


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