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Recycling helps our environment

People don't realize how much recycling affects us and our environment. Recyclables actually are very valuable and beneficial. Seventy-five percent of our waste is recyclable, but unfortunately, only 30 percent actually gets recycled. Recycling also saves money and conserves a lot of energy. Everyone should take part in helping our community.

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to one full album on your iPod. Recycling 100 cans could light a bedroom for two whole weeks! The average person has the opportunity to recycle more than 25,000 cans in a lifetime.

Recycling also plays a big part in preserving our environment. Believe it or not, if every American recycled one-tenth of their newspapers, we could save about 25 million trees a year! Another way that recycling helps is that it minimizes pollution. This is because when garbage rots, it sends harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Overall, recycling improves us and our community, and if everyone has the chance to help, everyone should recycle!


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