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Let's all recycle to save our planet

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick


Did you know that thousands of animals a year end up dying because of plastic entanglement? Animals get caught in plastic bags, stuck in plastic can rings and tangled in helium balloons. My dream is that all the plastic we use could get recycled, instead of thrown into our oceans and dumps.

Although this is a complicated idea, there is hope. One reason to get excited is that many cities and businesses across the nation are working hard to promote recycling. For example, Suffolk County is now charging five cents per plastic bag in groceries and other stores. This will, hopefully, reduce the amount of plastic being used.

Another example is an inventive idea created by the company Bakeys. They have made edible cutlery, to use in place of plasticware. This means you can use a spoon at lunch and then eat it, instead of throwing it away. How cool!

In my own hometown of Lindenhurst, Starbucks has stopped giving out plastic straws.

Thanks to businesses like 4ocean and Rothy's, garbage has even become a fashion statement. The company 4ocean makes gorgeous bracelets out of recycled glass beads and plastic thread. They have pulled over 1 million pounds of trash out of the ocean. Rothy's, another creative company, makes shoes out of recycled plastic. Just think: Your shoes might once have been water bottles.

These unique companies are really making a difference. It is incredible how much more eco-friendly the world is becoming.

Michelle Perino's fourth-grade class, Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst

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