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Recycling plays big role at Washington Street School

Recycling is very important, especially in schools.

My sixth-grade class has a special privilege. We recycle for the whole school. You might be thinking it's impossible for one class to recycle the entire school, but this is how we do it. After lunch, Mrs. Drosman tells each table what grade they will recycle and then we go off on our way. Throughout the week, each class has a recycling bin in which they put all their empty water bottles. Then we come to collect it. We are called the Green Team.

Every week, there are two different student helpers who are in charge of the recycling room, while everyone else is collecting bottles. The recycling room is where we bring all the bottles, then sort them by good bottles and bad ones. After that, one person every month takes all the bottles home and returns them to a grocery store to get the money. We make more than $30 a month. We bring the money back to school and save it each month.

At the end of the year, we will go shopping at Stop & Shop. Now, you are probably thinking why are we going shopping? Well, we are going shopping because we will buy food for people who need it. After we go grocery shopping, we will take the food to a local food pantry.

Recycling is very important in our class. We know that kids can make a difference.


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