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Getting the odor out of your shoes and sports equipment

Kidsday reporters Dorian Bias, left, and Connor Topper

Kidsday reporters Dorian Bias, left, and Connor Topper get the stink out. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Remodeez ( is a nontoxic product to neutralize odor and absorb moisture.

We tested it, and Remodeez works! Since Dorian is good at basketball, he has to run around and do drills, and his shoes always stink! When he takes them off, his mom runs away holding her nose.

Here’s how it works. When your shoes are smelly, that’s when you grab the Remodeez. You have to put it in your shoes overnight, and the next morning — you won’t believe it — your shoes won’t stink anymore.

We recommend Remodeez for anyone who has stinky shoes or sports equipment. We give this product 5 smiles. Now every time Dorian takes off his basketball shoes, his mom still runs away holding her nose, but she’s smiling, so we know she’s teasing.

Connor’s story is a little different. He wrote: I’ve had my arm in a cast for several weeks. It was a spectacular break! When the permanent cast was finally removed, I had a brace on my arm that had to be kept on all day and night. It was s-t-i-n-k-y! It got so bad that even my teacher noticed. Remodeez worked well on my brace. No more stink! I would recommend this to anyone who has smelly sports gear.

Linda Vaianella’s fifth-grade class, Boyle Road Elementary School, Port Jefferson Station

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