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The tale of Styles, my amazing dog

Kidsday reporter Alex Ginex of Syosset with his

Kidsday reporter Alex Ginex of Syosset with his rescue dog, Styles. Credit: Pam Ginex

My dog, Styles, is a rescue dog. We found him six years ago, and our lives have not been the same since. 

We were told he from the South. He was about 6 months old at that time.

Styles is amazing, and I love playing with him.

Styles weighed about 25 pounds when we found him, but now he weighs 75 pounds. He’s a big dog, but he’s also a big teddy bear. When I am lonely, I just find my dog at my house and go play fetch or tug-of-war with him. Also, you can always cuddle with your dog, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Styles is so fluffy and is so cute. He loves going for walks. Once when we were walking him, my brothers and I noticed how he pees a lot. My older brother Joey said he was sending "peemail" to all his dog friends in the neighborhood. We still laugh about that.

I’m thankful for my dog, Styles!

Pamela Ginex’s Cub Scouts, Troop 168, Syosset

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