We saw “A Beautiful Planet,” and it was an amazing documentary. It is about astronauts who go into space and how they live in their spacecraft. It also documents Earth’s physical characteristics as well as how the atmosphere has changed over time. For example, an incredible picture was shown that compared Earth’s atmosphere to Mars’ atmosphere by showing satellite images that morphed from Earth’s oceanic landscape to Mars’ dry terrain. It was amazing to see the difference between Earth and Mars and to learn that Mars is more similar to our planet than we originally thought. The narrator, actress Jennifer Lawrence, described so perfectly terms related to space and the difficulty in traveling through space.

Lawrence also described how horrible we can be in taking care of our planet and said that keeping the planet green will allow us to live on the only planet we call home. One of the most out-of-this-world parts in the movie was when they shot how our Earth looks when there are thunderstorms. When we typically see thunderstorms, we can observe usually a few strikes of lightning from the cloud to the ground which is usually followed by thunder. In space, the astronauts see flashes of light all over a large area of land, that looks like many cameras flashing at the same time. What we see as so big from Earth looks small from space. One of the interesting elements of living in space that people may not know is that astronauts have to work out at least two hours every day. This is necessary because zero gravity has a debilitating impact on astronauts’ bodies while they are in space. When you see how they manage to workout in zero gravity, you will be amazed!

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Overall, this movie is well-suited for science teachers who want to captivate their students’ attention while still being educational. “A Beautiful Planet” will possibly inspire many to become an astronaut but if not, it will change the way we look at our planet and how humans affect it. It is rated G.

RATING: 4.5 smiles