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Review: Cooking Mama 5 game

I was given the opportunity to try out Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit (Majesco) for the Nintendo 3DS. At first, I thought I wouldn't like the game. However, after playing for a few minutes, my first impression was surprising. I was actually having a great time. I was so good at cooking that I couldn't stop playing. Things I liked about the game included the realistic simulation, and it's family-friendly (or E for everyone). You get to pick whatever recipe you want to cook. After you cook a recipe, you earn a new one. It's cool how you can tilt the 3D graphics, and you also earn grades for how well you cook. In addition, Cooking Mama 5 has mini-games that you also earn when you complete a recipe. They are lots of fun and keep the game interesting. Interested players should keep in mind that it does take patience and concentration to be successful.

Rating: 4 smiles

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