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Luath 700 road bike review: fast, smooth, quiet

Kidsday reporter Axel Casares says the Islabike Luath

Kidsday reporter Axel Casares says the Islabike Luath 700 is light and speedy. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I tested out a new bike, the Luath 700 from Islabikes. The bike is very lightweight and super sturdy, and the tires are really thin so you can ride smoothly on a smooth surface.

On this bike, the gear shifters are in a different spot on the handlebars, so it takes a little getting used to the new position while you’re riding. The pedals have a really good grip, so it is not easy to slip off. The seat is almost the same height as the handlebars, so when you ride, your back is bent as if you’re racing.

It’s easy to wheel the bike around. The brakes work well for riding at high velocity. This is good because when you ride at full speed, you will be able to stop it easier than with normal brakes. Comparing this Islabike to a regular bike, it could take some time to get used to because the tires are so much thinner than what most kids are used to. When you’re riding full speed, the bike doesn’t make any sound, so it won’t distract you. Also this bike has really good tire grip so you don’t slip around everywhere when you’re stopping or riding. This bike is a road bike, so you go faster on concrete than you would on other surfaces.

I would recommend this bike to you. It makes riding fun. If you like mountain bikes, they have those available too. If you check the website,, you will see that the company customizes bikes to fit your size. The Luath 700 was made for a kid my height and weight, and that is what gives you the best riding experience. If you are serious about riding, check it out!

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