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Review: Pie Face game

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kelly Mullooly, Massapequa Park

I played a game called Pie Face (Hasbro) and enjoyed it. It was very easy to set up the game. There was a big piece that you put two handles in on both sides, then you also have to put a fake hand through a piece that holds the hand up. Lastly, you put a mask under a chin rest that is holding the handles. You also need to put the spinner pieces together. You need whipped cream to play the game. To play, the youngest player goes first. You need to put your face inside the mask and turn the spinner. The spinner tells you how many times you have to push the two handles forward. The whipped cream may or may not splat in your face. You get points by surviving your turn without getting whipped cream thrown in your face! You score each time you spin the handle. The first person to 25 points wins. This game was very entertaining and enjoyable. For kids 6 and older.

RATING 5 smiles

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