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Review: ‘PJ Masks Live! Time to be a Hero’ offers action-packed fun

Kidsday reporters Alex Tanney, 11, of Jericho, left,

Kidsday reporters Alex Tanney, 11, of Jericho, left, Kaitlyn Clemente, 6, of Garden City, and Gargi Salunke, 11, of Jericho, at the "PJ Masks Live! Time to be a Hero" show at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Credit: Maureen Clemente

The performance of “PJ Masks Live! Time to be a Hero” at the Theater at Madison Square Garden was lively, colorful, and action-packed! Kids and parents filled the Garden wearing their favorite characters’ costumes — Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, the team of do-gooders who, “work at night to save the day!”

The plot of the story includes three villains, Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja who come to town to take over a playground and defeat the PJ Masks forever. They decide to form a villain dream team with the three bad guys capturing Gekko and taking over the PJ Masks’ headquarters. Because the villains do not work well and support each other as a team, the PJ Masks are able to free their friend and get back their headquarters using Cat Boy’s fur balls.

The music and dancing during the show was synchronized and energetic. Even the fight scenes were musical and left kids dancing in their seats. Six-year-old Kaitlyn Clemente, our friend who we brought along for her opinions on the show, liked that Cat Boy was so fast that he could make you dizzy. She said he was able to do awesome gymnastic moves. Her favorite character was Owlette because of her “girl power,” light-up mask and ability to fly.

The show was kid-friendly with kids able to dance in the aisles. It also felt interactive because the story characters asked the audience for help to find their friend, Gekko. Souvenirs available for purchase included T-shirts, capes, and masks. We recommend this show to boys and girls from 2 to 6 years old. Be ready to see these colorful nighttime heroes in your neighborhood for Halloween!

It is only playing through Sunday, so hurry and see this fun show. Visit

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