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Review: ‘Space Runners: The Moon Platoon’

In "Space Runners: The Moon Platoon," Benny finds

In "Space Runners: The Moon Platoon," Benny finds his inner bravery. Credit: Harper Books

The book “Space Runners: The Moon Platoon” (Harper) is an intriguing tale written by Jeramey Kraatz combining science fiction with the lives of relatable kids, who discover how difficult life circumstances can help them flourish in times of conflict.

Taking place in the year 2085, Elijah West, ingenious inventor of the space runner craft, invites 101 gifted scholarship winners to journey to the Lunar Taj resort on the moon. Among these is Benny Love, a passionate kid who lives in a caravan with his grandmother in the Drylands. Benny soon forms friendships with Drue, Jasmine and Hot Dog, who are caught up in the prospect of being chosen by the revered Elijah to spend a lifetime on the moon.

Alongside the luxury of this intergalactic resort, the scholarship winners are continuously suspicious in the face of the recent meteor showers giving rise to a possible alternate life form on the moon. Through curious about these happenings, the students soon discover that Elijah is not as respectable as they had thought. He seems to crumble under pressure, revealing to the children that the moon and Earth cannot be protected from the doom that awaits them.

Benny’s love for his family and inner bravery are revealed as he leads his peers in doing something that even Elijah is afraid of, creating the legendary Moon Platoon. Kids in fourth to seventh grade will be captivated by this tale.

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