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Review: Star Wars Jedi Force Levitator

Kidsday reporter James Rush plays with the Star

Kidsday reporter James Rush plays with the Star Wars Science Jedi Force Levitator. Credit: newsday / Pat Mullooly

I tested the Star Wars Science Jedi Force Levitator (Uncle Milton), and I think it is a very good toy to play with. Kids younger than 10 will love it. The directions give you a simple way to use this toy. It is very fun to play with. It is simple to start levitating objects with it. You hold the force deflectors on top of the training rod, press a button on the rod and the force deflectors will start floating. There are many different things to do with the deflectors and the training rod. If you have two rods you can play catch. If you have salt you can pick it up with the training rod. You can also put a plastic bag over the rod, turn on some water, hold the rod close to the water and watch the water move in the direction you move the rod.. You can find many ways to use this toy and they are all excellent. Batteries are included. There are two types of deflectors, one is shaped like a doughnut and the other is sphere-like. You can also use your hand and make the force deflector come to you.

RATING 4 smiles

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