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Review: ‘The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price’

Kidsday reporter Ashley Xia with the book, "The

Kidsday reporter Ashley Xia with the book, "The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price." Credit: newsday / Pat Mullooly

This book, “The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price,” by Jennifer Maschari (HarperColllins) is a must-read. It has a strong theme, which is what makes it a good book.

Charlies and Imogen feel that without their mom, everything is not what it used to be. Then Imogen finds a secret passage under her bed leading to another world. She feels that with Mom in that world, everything is going to be great. When Charlie finds this secret passage, however, he feels that something is not right. Imogen now always wants to go to the other world, almost as if she wants to be with Mom forever and give up everything just to spend time with her. After the truth shows itself, Imogen is going to be doomed. Will Charlie unveil the truth or will Imogen be lost in the other world forever? Find out once you read this great story.

Rating: 5 smiles

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