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Reviewing 'The Secret Box'

In the book "The Secret Box" by Whitaker Ringwald (Katherine Tegen Books), Jax Malone receives a gift that her mother refuses to give her on her 12th birthday. The gift is from her great-aunt Juniper Vandegrift. Juniper sent a mysterious locked box that will only open in one location.

Since Jax's mother refused to return the box, Jax insists she open it. She brings her fact-

loving cousin, Ethan, and her obnoxious genius brother, Tyler, to find where the box will open.

This "fun" adventure turns into a crazy and dangerous escapade when Jax, Ethan and Tyler learn the box was a call for help from a magical source they thought was a myth. I highly recommend this book because of its great plot twists and vivid descriptions.

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