Good Morning
Good Morning

Riding ATVs at grandpa's upstate spread

When I go upstate, I love riding ATVs. These vehicles are extremely fun to ride. Since I am too young to drive a car, this is the next best thing. My brother and I take our ATVs on trails throughout the woods near my grandfather's house. The ATVs go very fast, so it's important to wear a helmet in case it skids out and flips from the muddy ground.

ATVs are not the only vehicle I get to drive there. My grandfather has golf carts at his house. When we are not driving ATVs alone, we also take the golf carts out and race them. My grandfather has a large property, so it's helpful to use the golf carts to get around to places like the barn. The barn has animals I don't usually see by my house, including roosters and chickens. Sometimes I even go collect their eggs and feed them. Along with the smaller animals are also horses. The horses stay in the stables that my grandpa built, but when he takes them out to train them, I get to ride them. I also see plenty of deer, coyotes, and even black bears.

Going upstate gives me the chance to spend good family time. Spending time with my grandpa is easier when we go up to see him, and my sister is also able to get there easily from college.

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