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Right on the money with my papa

Kidsday reporter Kathryn Mushorn and her papa, Donald

Kidsday reporter Kathryn Mushorn and her papa, Donald Teufel, with a jar full of money. Credit: Mushorn family

I love money. I love money so much that when I was 4 I ate a penny, but that is a story for another time.

When I was in Pennsylvania, we went to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. At the mint we saw how coins are made. We also saw what they do with coins that don’t come out perfect. If you look at a coin and there is a P on it, it means it was made in Philadelphia. My papa and I love to look at different coins, so when I was at the mint I bought some books that you can put coins in.

I go over my papa and grandma’s house and we look at the different coins. We place them in the right book, according to the year it was made. Now that he is getting older, it is hard for my papa to see the dates. So he uses a huge magnifying glass. It’s bigger than I am. Although we aren’t done filling in all the books, I still love going to my grandparents’ house to spend time there. My papa even lends me the magnifying glass to use at home.

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