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Ice skating is easy and fun at The Rinx in Hauppauge

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiara Anderson, Stony Brook

Ice skating is my favorite sport, and I love doing it at The Rinx in Hauppauge. I usually skate there on Saturdays when there is public skating between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The first time I ice skated, I didn’t want to let go of the wall. Eventually, I had to cross to get to the other side of the rink, so my mother, younger sister and I held hands and skated across. After a while I got the hang of it, but if I skated too fast, we would all fall down! When I skated with my dad, he went way too fast for me, so I decided to skate by myself for the rest of the session. It turned out to be a really fun experience even though we all fell so many times.

Kids can also take ice skating lessons at The Rinx. My parents signed up my sister and me for the Basic 2 class, which is for kids ages 6 to 11, so we were able to skate together. My other two sisters took lessons at a different level. We all eventually moved up to the higher levels.

If you need your skates sharpened, The Rinx offers the service at Stan’s Skate Shop. It is always a good idea to have your ice skates sharpened occasionally so you will glide over the ice better. If you don’t own ice skates, you can rent them here.

Info: 660 Terry Rd., Hauppauge,

Eileen DeCarmine’s fifth-grade class, Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School, Miller Place

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