Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Rocket League is LI kid’s favorite video game

Credit: Warner Bros.

Rocket League (Psyonix / Warner Bros.) is a game where car driving and soccer collide.

First, you get to pick how you’d like to play. You can play against another person or choose a single-player version. The game gets very individualized when you customize your own car based on type, decals, colors, flags and even the design of the celebration when you score a goal. You start out as a rookie and go up in rank to veteran, expert, master, legend and finally rocketeer.

There are maps or arenas that you play a match in, and you get to choose. What are my favorites, you ask? They are Champions Field and Wasteland.

When I’m not playing outside in summer, this is what I love to do: play Rocket League.

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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