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HIstory and spooky happenings at Rogers Mansion in Southampton

Kidsday reporters Zebediah Ryan, left, Matheus Faria, Guadalupe

Kidsday reporters Zebediah Ryan, left, Matheus Faria, Guadalupe Hernandez, Veronica Lopez and Leonardo Estrada, of Tuckahoe School in Southampton, with education director Connor Flanagan, center, at Rogers Mansion. Credit: Bonnie Downs

We visited Rogers Mansion at 17 Meeting House Lane in Southampton to learn more about the haunting of this historic house. 

Rogers Mansion was built in approximately 1843 and used as a whaling captain’s house. The Rogers family owned the property from 1640 to 1889 and were one of the founding families of the village of Southampton. Dr. John Nugent owned the house from 1889 to 1899 and used part of the house for his doctor’s office. Samuel Parrish, of the Parrish Art Museum, owned the house until the Village of Southampton purchased it in 1932. 

The Southampton History Museum currently rents the building and property from the village. There are 22 rooms inside the house (including a basement, attic and widow’s walk) and 14 other buildings on the property that were mostly moved to this location from other places in Southampton. 

We interviewed Connor Flanagan, the director of education, about the hauntings at Rogers Mansion.  He told us that he and the other people who work at the museum have all heard strange noises in different parts of the house and heavy footsteps upstairs.

Mr. Flanagan told us a story that happened recently when he was cleaning a fireplace in one of the bedrooms. After finishing with the fireplace, he found the bed’s covers pulled back and a bottom print in the sheets of the bed in the bedroom across the hall. None of the other employees had moved the bedcovers and no one could have sat on the bed because it cannot hold the weight of a person. They would have fallen right through to the floor!

Mr. Flanagan also told us about the Long Island Paranormal Investigators coming to the museum to conduct experiments to find out if the museum is haunted. The investigators brought in scientific equipment and were able to record what they believe were strange noises and whispering voices. A lightbulb even smashed in the basement floor when one of the investigators asked, “Do you want us to leave? Make a noise if you do.” 

After the interview, we all were a bit freaked out and had mixed feelings about ghosts, but we definitely thought it was a cool experience and interesting to learn about ghosts in our town! You can learn more about the investigation and the museum at

Bonnie Downs and Allison Whittle’s writers club, Tuckahoe School, Southampton

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