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Why we love dancing on roller skates, too

Kidsday reporters Grace Sutliff, left, and Olivia Hellberg

Kidsday reporters Grace Sutliff, left, and Olivia Hellberg like to roller skate. Credit: Sam Carrell

Three years ago, we watched our friend do a roller-skating show. The theme was “Around the World.” We liked it so much, we joined the Oceanside Department of Community Activities roller skating program, and we have been roller skating with each other ever since!

Grace’s favorite thing about roller skating is doing the shows, and Olivia’s favorite thing is roller skating with her friends. We got our first skates at Play it Again Sports in Oceanside. The great thing about them is that, when you grow out of your skates, you can bring them back and get a credit toward new skates.

Learning so many moves makes skating even more fun, and it helps when it is showtime! Space was the theme of last year’s show. We worked on the dance and our song was “Lucky Star” by Madonna. We get to wear really cool costumes. They also had a big blow-up alien as part of the props.  In addition to participating in the show, we love to go to the roller rinks. 

Sam Carrell and Joan MacNaughton’s dancers, Leggz Ltd. Dance, Rockville Centre

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