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Cater a party with the Rolling in Dough Pizza truck

Kidsday reporters Samantha Silie and Brae Iglesias, of

Kidsday reporters Samantha Silie and Brae Iglesias, of Greenport Elementary School, with Rolling in Dough Pizza truck owner Matt Michel. Credit: Karen Gessner

We had a chance to interview Rolling in Dough Pizza truck owner Matt Michel. Rolling in Dough Pizza truck provides the East End with wood-fired, brick-oven pizza for every kind of event.

The actual Rolling in Dough Pizza truck is a 1943 International Harvester, painted cherry red with a custom wood-fired oven built in. The company has been catering parties for 12 years. Matt started the company in 2009. He got the inspiration from a pizza truck in Connecticut called The Big Green Truck that catered his sister’s wedding.

The Rolling in Dough Pizza Truck is not the only pizza truck Matt Michel owns; he has another truck, a 1948 International Harvester that is currently being painted red. He has 15 employees that work for the trucks, but only four employees will work during an event.

Matt is not only the owner of a pizza truck but is also the owner of the 1943 Pizza Bar restaurant and a bar called Brix & Rye. The restaurant’s name was inspired by the year the Rolling in Dough Pizza truck was made. Matt originally leased the space for preparation but found that it had a perfect seating area for a restaurant. As for the bar, it came with the space, so he decided to make it a bar. “It all sort of fell into place,” he said.

Here are some fun facts from the interview we had with Matt Michel:

Have you ever made pizza for a celebrity? “Yes, I have actually made pizza for many celebrities. Some of them are Ina Garten, Jerry Seinfeld, Madonna and Jimmy Fallon.”

What is your favorite pizza? “My favorite pizza would probably be meatball with hot peppers and prosciutto or goat cheese, arugula and fig.”

What has been your most exciting moment in your career? “I would probably say that it was when I got a call from Vogue Magazine asking to feature my pizza truck in their magazine.”

Matt Michel is tall and energetic with a warm smile. It was a pleasure to sit down and talk with him about his pizza truck business. We’ve personally had his mouthwatering pizza many times and we would highly recommend either taking a drive out to 1943 Pizza Bar in Greenport, or consider hiring Rolling in Dough Pizza for your next event.


Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School

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