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Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City is a favorite

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Lingfei Zhao

As you know, the Roosevelt Field mall is located in Garden City, and has more than 270 stores and services to offer. This makes it the second largest shopping mall in New York and ninth in the country. We think it is a great place to shop and hang out with your friends. Here are five of our favorite reasons:

MADEWELL This store is known for its great jeans. It is a great place for a variety of ages and is amazing for people who enjoy timeless style. The store is focused on teenagers to those in their early 20s. Madewell is a sister store to J.Crew. Madewell also offers a denim bar, which offers a wide variety of jeans. These jeans may be on the expensive side but they are totally worth the investment. If you need hemming done on your jeans, they will do it for you.

THE BODY SHOP This store carries lotions, soaps, makeup, room spray, hair products and more. There is something for everyone! In the store, you can try out products with the helpful workers to assist you. They also have a variety of scents that you can choose from and many different products that you can try out. We like that this place was the first company to use cruelty-free musks as well.

TOPSHOP This store started off small in the basement of a department store but has now grown worldwide to more than 300 stores. Its British style is what people love most about this brand. Topshop is located on the third floor of Nordstrom. It has a variety of clothes from shirts to dresses. It also sells accessories, shoes, bags and makeup. Even though it does not have its own place in the mall, it does have a wide and diverse variety of clothing and accessories.

MELT SHOP This is a wonderful place to sit down and dine and it is located in the mall’s Dining District. It’s known for its grilled cheeses and milkshakes. The milkshakes come in many flavors that include Nutella, vanilla, chocolate truffle and Oreo. This is a great place to stop and eat something while shopping with your friends or family.

THE RECREATIONAL AREA This bonus area is located right outside of Neiman Marcus on the first and second floors. This area is a quiet and comfortable area in which you can take a break from your shopping experience. There are outlets so you can charge your phone if its battery is running low and small tables on which you can set down your items. It is large and never crowded, so it’s the perfect place to relax and gather your thoughts.

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