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Solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle and then do it faster

Kidsday reporter Jacob Leshnower can solve a Rubik's

Kidsday reporter Jacob Leshnower can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 10 seconds. Credit: Leshnower family

A few years ago, I discovered the Rubik’s Cube. Little did I know that in this age of computers and electronic gadgets, a simple, plastic puzzle would provide me with hours of entertainment as well as a constant challenge.

Using online videos, I taught myself first how to make all of one side the same color, and then I soon found I could solve the entire puzzle. Rather than rest on my laurels, I realized being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube was only the beginning. As any serious cuber will tell you, it’s all about how fast you can accomplish this feat.

When I began, I could finish the cube into a somewhat respectable three minutes. Currently, my record stands at 9.18 seconds. In recognition of my talent, my parents bought me a T-shirt that shows a Rubik’s Cube melting, apparently so hot from the friction of being turned so many times by someone like me.

Solving a Rubik’s Cube at such a high speed requires a combination of skill, dexterity, quick thinking and fluency in several algorithms. It looks like a magic trick to an audience. Since magic has been one of my passions, it is no doubt one reason why I have been attracted to the Rubik’s Cube from the start.

You might think that being a Rubik’s Cube master may make you seem nerdy. You’re probably right. However, it can also make you popular. At camp, I was able to use my cubing ability on Challenge Night to win many points for my team by daring contestants to predict my solving time.

You’ll have to excuse me now. I have a Rubik’s Cube record to break.

Elisa Brosnan and Marybeth Clark’s writing and art club, West Hollow Middle School, Melville

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