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Good Morning

Running with my dad is a great way to spend time together

Kidsday reporter Addison Dellaporta running with her dad,

Kidsday reporter Addison Dellaporta running with her dad, Tommy. Credit: Gen Dellaporta

Every once in a while my dad and I go running to Jamba Juice.

Our last run was a little tougher than normal. It started out cloudy. My dad and I are halfway there and I feel a splash at the tip of my nose but I just ignore it, then another one and another immediately, and it starts to drizzle. We start to speed up. We get to the sidewalk with lots of bushes and trees. Every time I pass this spot, I remember the time I freaked my dad out.

I was just walking with my dad under the trees and walked into what I thought was a spider web with a spider on it. I was sure the spider was on my head, so I screamed and freaked out. My dad turned around screaming, “Are you OK? What happened?”

“I think I ran into a spider web with a spider in it,” I said. My dad had a confused look and looked a little scared too. “I thought you almost got hit by a car,” he said. But I was still making sure there was no spider on me.

I remember another time when we had a long run. We were jogging to Jamba Juice, and we got there and it wasn’t open. So we were thinking about what to do. Then my dad comes up with an idea. If we take the long way back to our house, it should take up more time. We tracked our distance, and we ran three miles.

I have so many memories that I will never forget. I always have the best time running with my dad, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Stefanie Baldante’s fifth-grade class, W.S. Mount Elementary School, Stony Brook

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