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S Prestano in Selden is our favorite local bakery

Kidsday reporters Hailey Singh, left and Xjung Todd

Kidsday reporters Hailey Singh, left and Xjung Todd at S Prestano's Bakery in Selden, with employee Kayla Schumacher.
  Credit: Erin Cooke

We went to visit the amazing S Prestano Bakery in Selden. We interviewed Kayla Schumacher, who has been working there for five years. We were shocked to find out that the bakery has been around for more than 100 years!

Their best-selling items are their delicious jelly doughnuts. Ms. Schumacher’s uncle owns the shop and has encouraged her to become a baker. They highly recommend you try their chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. We also like their New York-style cheesecake.

When asked if it is hard to maintain the business, she responded yes, it is, because she has to wake up at 4 a.m. to open the shop and she also has to bake the treats and breads. Last but not least, if they were to add one more item to their menu, it would be tiramisu.

This is brilliant stuff! If you have a chance, you should definitely go down to S Prestano Bakery. You are sure to have a sweet time.

Info: 806 Middle Country Rd., Selden, 631-698-2288

April Mindlin’s fifth-grade class, Jericho Elementary School, Centereach

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