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Go on safari in Riverhead

Kidsday reporters Elijah Trent, top, and Johsua Smeraldi

Kidsday reporters Elijah Trent, top, and Johsua Smeraldi of Aquebogue School having a ball at Safari Adventure in Riverhead. Credit: Trent family

One of our favorite places to go is Safari Adventure in Riverhead. We both like it for the same and different reasons. Here are our reviews:

Elijah: I think you should go to Safari Adventure because it’s a fun place for kids. One reason is that you can play games to win tickets and go down slides. Another reason is that there is a bounce house, and the harder you jump, the higher you go. I went because it was my best friend’s birthday.

Joshua: We all love Safari Adventure. For example, we went there on my birthday and we had a great time. One reason we had fun is because of all the cool games, like the big wheel, and the really cool prizes, like a big emoji bouncey ball.  

Another reason we love Safari Adventure is the big slide that twirls and a slide that makes it look like you’re going to fly. We think the slides on the jungle gym are the fastest and best. They also have a cool course with punching bags and things to climb over and under.

Info: Safari Adventure, 1074 Pulaski St., Riverhead. 631-727-4386.

Tami Koller’s fourth-grade class, Aquebogue School

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