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Danger close to home: When someone tried to kidnap me

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa

Would you trust a woman who looked like a sweet grandma? How about if that woman demanded that you get in her car?

It was any normal day, just like any other. My mom promised to take me to Michael’s craft store because I wanted to get putty. After that, I went to the grocery store with my brother and mom. When we got out of the grocery store, the food drive was gone, and that left us with so many groceries.

When we arrived home, my mom picked up all the bags of groceries except for one bag and handed me the keys to the house. She said she would never be able to lift her arm with all the groceries to open the door, so I had to open the front door. One bag of food had spilled out on the passenger seat, and it was my job to gather those groceries and put them back in the bag. I was taking extra long because I was using only one hand. (Remember the putty I mentioned earlier? I wouldn’t put it down.)

As my mom got to the porch, a silver-gray car came up right next to me. A sweet-looking grandma was driving the car. She looked nice for only a moment because then she demanded that I get in the car. I said, “No!” She didn’t leave and said she wanted to take me and I needed to get in the car now.

Since I still had the keys to get into the house, my mom was watching from the front porch. When she saw my mom she said, “Oh! Oh!” and took off. She took off only because she saw my mom.

I ran to my mom and told her, “That woman just tried to get me in her car.” My mom ran to get her phone to take a picture of the car as it drove off, but she wasn’t quick enough. My mom called my dad and the police.

When I was giving her description to the police officer, I said, “She looked like a sweet little grandma until she opened her mouth and demanded that I get in her car.”

Remember, not everyone is trustworthy, and this happened right in front of my house. We live in a safe neighborhood, too, just like many other people, but nothing is ever completely safe. You always have to be careful.

Before this day my mom and dad taught me to yell and scream very specific words like, “No! This is not my mom! This is not my dad!” They also told me to forget my manners and that I don’t have to be nice and polite. Although I knew this, I think being rude was the hardest part for me. Even though I said no, I should have run away from her yelling, “This woman is trying to take me!” and I should not have talked to her at all.

My parents have made me role-play screaming and not being polite to a stranger who is trying to do something bad, but I think I might need more practice with that.

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