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East End beaches are great for endless activities

Kidsday reporters from Pierson Middle School in Sag

Kidsday reporters from Pierson Middle School in Sag Harbor enjoy a day at the beach. Credit: Eileen Caulfield

When in Sag Harbor you must go to the ocean. Oceans are the place you want to be in the hot summer sun. It is about a 10-minute drive from Sag Harbor to hit some of the most beautiful beaches and the best surf ever.

Come down to Southampton and jump in the oceans of W. Scott Cameron Town Beach for a cool, refreshing dip. If you’re into surfing, we have just the thing for you. I think Road F and Road D beaches in Southampton have nice rollers for surfing, and the shallow sandbars are perfect for snorkeling. Clams, crabs and fish tickle your feet. If you drive on the beach, you can build a bonfire and relax with your family. Just make sure you have the permit to drive on the beach.

In Sag Harbor Village there are plenty of surfing supplies at the local surf shop, Flying Point. You can get it all — swimsuits, surf boards, wetsuits and towels. There is plenty of fun with tubing in the Sag Harbor Bay as well as paddleboarding. Or if you are into soaking, then you can just swim in the bay or in the ocean.

There are dolphins and whales off the shore of some beaches. And a rare sight to see is seals in the morning, and they are there if you like morning fishing. It never gets boring when you are lucky enough to be close to the sea.

Eileen Caulfield and Tara O'Malley's sixth-grade class, Pierson Middle School, Sag Harbor

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