Good Morning
Good Morning

Sailing on Long Island waters is great way to have fun

A sunny, windy day makes for perfect sailing

A sunny, windy day makes for perfect sailing conditions. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Robert Mudzinski

Whoosh. The wind is blowing and the sun is shining, it’s a perfect day for sailing. We’ve rigged the boat, and put it in the water as fast as we can. Everyone is excited — are you?

Sailing can give you many feelings, but most are happy. For example, you might feel exhilarated because of the wind in your face and the boat rocking. Or maybe you might just be eager to get out on the water, but I guarantee you, you will have a good time.

You can sign up for a sailing class at one of the many yacht clubs across the North and South shores of Long Island, or you can sign up for local town lessons. I sail at the Center Moriches Yacht Club.

Sailing is even better when you have friends with you. Each person can have a job. For example, one person can pull one of the two jib sheets (ropes on boat) and one person can pull the other. Also, one person can steer.

Are you eager to sail now? Because if you are, just remember one thing, the wind is always blowing.

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