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Good Morning

Salk Sprouts gardening club

We are the Salk Sprouts gardening club at our school. It started last year with just a little bit of money and an old greenhouse that was brought back to life. On Earth Day, the Salk cooking club lent a hand by baking cookies for the Sprouts to sell and raise money. They needed seeds to plant in the greenhouse.

At the start of the club we come in and check what we need for the year to start planting. This club takes a lot to prepare and lots of commitment, we start everything from seed. The Sprouts is the best club in Salk because you can have fun while gardening. It is a great hobby to do to get rid of boredom you can chat with your friends and have fun while working. We meet twice a month but once we plant the seeds we start meeting every day. We made more than $1,000 last year selling plants and flowers and vegetables. After some time, the greenhouse can get dirty and messy and we have to clean it out with the other members in the club.

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