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Salsa dancing is so much fun

Kidsday reporter Christian Ulloa with his salsa dance

Kidsday reporter Christian Ulloa with his salsa dance awards. Credit: Ulloa family

I started to learn how to salsa dance when I was 8. I wanted to do something as a hobby, and Baila Conmigo Dance Troupe is my big inspiration. The showcases are really fun because all you do is dance and wait and watch other groups dance.

In competitions it’s different. You dance in front of judges, and you try to place. You get first or last, and it’s really nerve-wracking and scary because you have to try not to mess up. My cousin and I competed at Brentwood Got Talent and won first place in the dancing category. When we have a big event or a competition, we work super hard and we mostly have more classes.

Dancing is so fun, and I think you should try it. I want to do it for the rest of my life as a professional dancer, and I don’t mind dancing alone or with a partner.

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