Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

You might be surprised at what I have collected

Kidsday reporter Joshua Schwartz, of St. Mary School,

Kidsday reporter Joshua Schwartz, of St. Mary School, East Islip, with his swords. Credit: Schwartz family

I collect swords, mugs, and glass bottles. With each of these collections, a certain event has to happen.

My first sword, which started my collection two years ago, is called the Z sword. The reason I got it was that 2017 was the first year I made my own Halloween costume, and I wanted to make it special. The sword went great with my costume.

The next sword, and last for now, is The Cursed Blade Sandai Kitetsu. This is a real but replicated sword. The lure behind the original Cursed Blade Sandai Kitetsu was whenever it was used in battle, it was sentient and out for blood.

The mugs I have in my collection are from family members who bring them back  from their travels with the name of the place visited. Now I have a ton of mugs to drink from.

My final collection is of Snapple glass bottles. Whenever I saw a glass bottle, I always grabbed it and hid it away. I always liked the look and shape of those bottles in particular and that is how I decided to start a collection of only Snapple glass bottles, which are mostly made from plastic now.

Marytheresa Donohue's seventh-grade class, St. Mary School, East Islip

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