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Review: 'Sandapalooza Shake-Up' is a fun mystery for kids to solve

Kidsday reporter Caitlin Kenney reviews "Sandapalooza Shake-Up."

Kidsday reporter Caitlin Kenney reviews "Sandapalooza Shake-Up."  Credit: Suzanne Kenney

I read the book “Welcome to Wonderland #3: Sandapalooza Shake-Up” by Chris Grabenstein (Random House Kids).

It is a fun and entertaining story. It is about a family-owned and run hotel. Their business has become famous after a popular movie was shot there. It became so popular that a royal family came to stay at the hotel. When they came, they brought with them a family heirloom, a tiara, that had been passed down from generation to generation. During their stay, the tiara is lost. It was so much fun to read how the family members and other helpful friends act as detectives and look for the missing heirloom.

I recommend this book to kids 10 and younger.

Tom Hughes Rising Stars, Garden City

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