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Volunteering at an animal shelter is both fun and educational

Kidsday reporter Chloe Poblete, of Joseph A. Edgar

Kidsday reporter Chloe Poblete, of Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School, Rocky Point, volunteers at Save-a-Pet in Port Jefferson Station. Credit: Poblete family

Save-a-Pet is an animal shelter in Port Jefferson Station. They rescue abandoned cats and dogs. I volunteer there with my mom.

It is an educational experience because I learn how to take care of the animals. I have to feed them, give them water, change their litter and socialize with them. Some cats are skittish and hesitant. We have to socialize the ones that are scared of humans, because  they have a much better chance to get adopted if they are friendly.

There are dogs at the back of the building. The dogs are so cute.

Info: 608 NY-112, Port Jefferson Station,

Patricia Alberti’s fourth-grade class, Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School, Rocky Point

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