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Good Evening

Save-A-Pet provides a safe temporary home

Save-A-Pet is a friendly no-kill animal shelter for dogs and cats. They take in any abused, neglected or mistreated animals, which are mostly found on the streets or in kill shelters, until they find a family to live with. Save-A-Pet was founded by Dori Scofield in 1994. We recently visited to learn more about the animals and their shelter and met the executive director, Lynne Schoepfer, who has worked there for 14 years.

Lynne works with the volunteers. Cats and dogs get plenty of play time, naps and love here. Before Lynne helps take care of the dogs and cats, she performs temperate testing on new dogs that were brought to the shelter and rescues needy animals when she gets a call. Between 700 and 900 animals get adopted here in a year. Any animal that does not get adopted will stay at Save-A-Pet until the right home is found for them; no animal is rejected.

The dogs and cats are watched from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. After 11 p.m., there are video cameras watching over the animals. Donations are greatly appreciated to keep the animals in good condition and care. Some things needed are paper towels, cash donations and cat and dog food. You can visit Save-A-Pet to volunteer or adopt, at 608 Rte. 112, Port Jefferson Station, or call 631-642-2275. For more information about Save-A-Pet, go to

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