Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Save the koalas

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Hannah Reyes

Koalas are the favorite animal of many people, but soon these people won’t have that option as a favorite. With populations dropping by 40 percent in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, there are only as few as 45,000 of them left in the world. Though that might seem like a big number, we humans have been making them vanish, from hunting for their fur. Feral dogs — or any dog that is not contained (stray, wild) — also kill them. Koalas have furry bodies with fluffy ears and faces; it makes them look as if they are smiling. With their coats, the rising temperature change is hurting the eucalyptus trees. The eucalyptus trees provide both food and water to the koalas. There are fewer leaves to eat and they don’t contain as much moisture, leaving the koalas starving and thirsty.

A study published in April 2015 predicted that climate change could drive as many as one in six animal and plant species to extinction. We need to quit hunting for innocent animals and give them a healthy life to grow old in.

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