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Saving athletes' lives on the field

Do you know who Louis Acompora is? Do you even know what happened to him? No? Well, don't worry because I will tell you what happened to him.

Well, he was a varsity lacrosse goalie who sadly died in his first-ever high school lacrosse game. He played for the Northport Tigers. There was a shot and the ball hit him right over his heart. Sadly, the ball hit the wrong spot and he died on the field on March 25, 2000. In 2000, there wasn't a defibrillator, also known as an AED, Automated External Defibrillator, available on the field to help Louis.

Louis' parents, John and Karen, started a fundraising jamboree. Every April in Northport, people come to watch the varsity lacrosse team play. Also, there's food and a "How fast you can shoot" contest. This year, Northport played Sachem North and Northport won 13 to 8. All the money goes to making defibrillators. The Louis Acompora Foundation saves lives!

Well, now do you know who he is? Yes! Good, because a lot more kids should know about him.

Because this terrible thing happened to Louis, others now might be able to help save athletes on the field. Without him, those lives wouldn't be here. For more information, check the website: Also on that site, you can find out about CPR and AED training.

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