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Sayville is so proud of its football star Jack Coan

Sayville High School quarterback Jack Coan with Kidsday

Sayville High School quarterback Jack Coan with Kidsday reporters from left, cousin Lily Coan, Delaney Lutz, Faith Cummings, Michael Luce and Matthew Reina on the playing field at Cherry Avenue Elementary School in West Sayville. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

If you live in Sayville, you know his name, you love him . . . the amazing quarterback on the Sayville Varsity football team, Jack Coan!

Jack, who happens to be Kidsday reporter Lily Coan’s cousin, visited us at our school. Jack is a 17-year-old in high school, and he was part of Sayville’s Long Island Championship team last year.

Jack started playing football when he was 5. “I tried it once and loved to play ever since,” he said. We had a question about his first touchdown. Jack told us that he couldn’t really remember, but one thing he remembered is that his teammates were happy for him and cheering. Jack said he was so excited. “Plus, it was really fun!” Jack added.

When he first started playing, he played the position of quarterback, and if he wasn’t a quarterback he said he would want to be a running back. When Jack was little, he was a very picky eater, but he’s branched out to other foods like chicken nuggets and pasta. His favorite food is pizza. We love all those things too.

His varsity football coach is Rob Hoss. We asked Jack as a joke, “Do you think that Coach Hoss teaches you enough about football?” Jack laughed and said, “Coach Hoss? I’m not really sure.” Then he said, “In all seriousness, he’s a really, really good coach. He taught me almost everything I know and I wouldn’t be where I am without him.” We want to thank Coach Hoss for making his team so amazing. Jack is so good at playing quarterback because of Coach Hoss. Thanks Coach!

Jack is going to a college in Wisconsin. He was offered a scholarship for football. When he went to visit, Jack told us that he fell in love with the school. Jack loved the coaching staff, and he thought the academics were awesome. “It’s just a great place to play football and go to college,” Jack concluded. Jack thinks the biggest difference from high school football to college football will be the speed of the game and the size of the players. “I think it will be a lot more challenging.” Jack’s favorite thing about going to college, besides football, is making new friends. But Jack is going to have to learn some Wisconsin language. For example, they call water fountains “bubblers”. We had a few questions about that. Jack knew that they call people from Wisconsin “Sconies,” but he didn’t know that they call traffic lights “stop and go lights”.

Jack will graduate early because he wants to play football in the spring and to take a few classes to get ahead in his college career. Jack’s favorite subject in school is math, and he doesn’t dislike anything. He said that physics was really hard this year but it was fun because he had a great teacher. Jack hasn’t considered taking up ballet to improve his skills, but he’s heard of pro football players who have. “As time goes on, maybe I’ll use that technique to improve my game, but I’m not sure,” Jack said. He hopes to become a professional football player when he graduates.

One of our questions was, “What are you thinking when you are running for a touchdown?” Jack’s response was, “I am usually saying to myself just run fast and don’t get tackled by the big guy chasing you.” That is a very good thing to think because it probably makes him run fast like a flash of lightning and get that touchdown!

Jack’s number on his jersey is 17. We wanted to know why he picked that number. Jack said that it was because his dad and a lot of his uncles wore that number on their jerseys and he wanted to carry on the family tradition. The longest pass that Jack has thrown is 97 yards.

After we interviewed Jack, our class got to play touch football with him. Jack was automatic quarterback for both teams. The best part was that he was on both teams! That really made it fair. When we played touch football with him, it was so fun. When he threw the ball, it went so far and he wasn’t even trying! It was crazy.

Jack Coan will be a football legend in the town of Sayville. We asked him what it’s like being famous in the small town of Sayville. He said that even though people say that, he just feels like a normal kid. Jack said Sayville is the greatest town in the world and he loves living here.

He is so nice, caring, and humble. Sayville is the luckiest town in the whole wide world to have such a great varsity quarterback like Jack!

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