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Why we duct-taped our school principal to the wall

Sunrise Drive Elementary students in Sayville met a

Sunrise Drive Elementary students in Sayville met a reading challenge and got to tape principal James Foy to the wall. Credit: Sayville Schools

Our principal at Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Dr. James Foy, is the best, and he is so much fun.

For example, for PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) our principal had us read at least 15 minutes and had us write down a challenge for him to do.

When the whole school reached 60,000 minutes, he picked one of the challenges out of a hat. The challenge was to duct-tape him to the wall. The classes who read the most got to duct-tape him to the wall. This really motivated us all to read.

Three classes were able to do this to him. Our class was one of the three who read the most. It was so much fun duct-taping our principal to the wall.

But this is what Dr. Foy does. He makes school more fun and exciting for all of us. He has dyed his hair purple and even visits us in our classroom and sits with us on our beanbag chairs to talk to us. We are lucky to have such an awesome principal.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville

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