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Scary fun at NYZ Apocalypse

NYZ Apocalypse at 450 Commack Rd., Deer Park, is great for anyone who loves to shoot zombies. This state-of-the-art apocalypse simulator is so immersive, they even keep the temperature at seasonally accurate levels. After being prepared with laser rifles and a short instructional briefing, "survivors" will be taken to the fictional Apollo Prison Complex.

This maximum security prison is overrun with undead inmates, and it's your job to escape. You will fight your way through a dark maze, shooting the headbands of actors in professional, movie-grade zombie makeup. The terrifying undead come in all shapes and sizes.

Your group will find its way through a realistic morgue, bathroom, rec-room, cell block, cafeteria, and more, guided by commanders. When you find your way out, you will all get to see your individual stats, including amount of times you were "bitten." NYZ Apocalypse is a scary, year-round thriller experience like no other. Go online:

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