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Good Evening

School book club goes beyond reading to art, games, movies

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Nicholas Marotta, Ronkonkoma

Book Cafe is an amazing, fun book club at our school for fourth- and fifth-grade students. We meet with the reading teachers on Mondays at 8 a.m. We read assigned chapters at home, and at school we discuss what we read in our literature circles.

Each week we have a different literature circle role. The roles are: Stellar Summarizer, Discussion Director, Literary Luminary and Adventuring Artist.

The Stellar Summarizer has to write a brief summary of the assigned chapters and be prepared to share and discuss it with the other students in the group.

The Discussion Director needs to lead discussions by preparing open-ended questions for the group, such as, “What is your opinion of . . . ?”

The Literary Luminary finds quotes from the book that are meaningful.

The Adventuring Artist chooses an interesting part to illustrate and shares the illustration with the group explaining why he or she chose that part to illustrate. At the end of each book we have a celebration.

We play a “Jeopardy!” game or “Family Feud,” and answer questions related to the book. After reading the book “The BFG,” by Roald Dahl, we had a movie night. And after reading “Shiloh,” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, we invited Chris Elton, the director of the Town of Babylon Animal Shelter, to talk us. Last year, we donated dog food and money to help the animals at the shelter.

The Book Cafe is a fun way to read, meet with your friends and discuss books.

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