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Good Afternoon

Kids like their school dances

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Nicholas Mattheus

Most kids love celebrating holidays. Boyle Road Elementary School does it in a different way.

Certain holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day have their own dances. There’s also a Special Someone Dance — you find someone (mostly in your family) who is special to you and ask them if they would like to go to the dance with you. The person I brought was my dad.

During school our teachers give us a paper that is shaped like a heart. It asks you what is the best thing about your special someone. The PTA then hangs the hearts around the school. At the Special Someone Dance there’s a raffle. In the raffle prize is a box with chocolate and a balloon shaped like a heart. For the kids who don’t get a prize, there are goody bags with candy.

The Halloween Dance is “The Spooktacular.” Our school allows us to wear our costumes during school hours. Toward the end, everybody wearing a costume makes a giant circle. The principal and some members of the PTA have three costume categories and choose a costume for each category — for example, scariest, most creative and the one that stands out the most.

The Valentine’s Day dance is a lot like the other dances with cookies and a DJ. Since it is near Valentine’s Day, we mostly wear pink, white, red or purple. For the kids who don’t dance, there is usually a book fair in the library. For the kids who do dance, sometimes the DJ lets them go on the stage to dance to the music, or they can just stay on the floor.

Linda Vaianella’s fifth-grade class, Boyle Road Elementary School, Port Jefferson Station

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