Good Morning
Good Morning

Popcorn sales raise funds to buy gifts for kids in Elwood

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Emily Leo, Franklin Square

Our class holds a popcorn sale three times during the school year. We sell popcorn because we want to adopt an Elwood family. In the past, this class has been able to raise $800 to $900 for them. We also raise money for kids who can’t afford Christmas gifts.

First we purchase the popcorn and then we set up sales during all three lunch periods in our school. We make flyers, which we put up throughout the school, and we tell everyone on the school announcements.

Then Marsha McLeod, our teacher, selects a few kids in the class to sell the popcorn. That is fun too, because we are meeting all our school friends during the day. We even get a class parent to come in to help supervise the whole thing.

Our goal is to break the previous class record. That means we want to raise about $1,000. The earnings are used to purchase gifts for the families we adopt. This year our class is adopting two families. We also purchase coloring books and crayons for kids in Huntington Hospital.

As we like to say to our school friends, don’t come just for the popcorn, come because you care.

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